The ASHA Centre - Creating opportunities for young people to experience inspiration, connection and purpose. The ASHA Centre is located in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, UK and is a hub of intercultural activities, hosting a range of educational, performing arts and environment-based programmes throughout the year.

Upcoming Opportunities


  • Erasmus +

  • Youth Empowerment and Social Transformation (for UK residents only)

  • Erasmus + Mobility of Youth Workers
    • 1st e-learning module (4 weeks, online, February / March 2017) .
    • 1st Training Course (Misaksieli, Georgia. 27th March to 4th April 2017)
    • 2nd e-learning module (4 weeks, online, May / June 2017)
    • 2nd Training Course (Kobuleti, Georgia. 12th to 20th of June 2017)
    • EU countries and its Eastern partners are being challenged by cuts of individual and collective rights in the last years, and by an uprise of ultra-nationalist and anti-EU social and political movements that represent a thread for the maintenance of these rights and the amend of those that have been already set aside. The cuts on the rights and the populist ultra-nationalist uprising differ on its intensity depending on the country and regions, but are happening nowadays at an increasing speed within the EU.
    • The objectives of the project are: - To strengthen the understanding of youth empowerment as a tool for social transformation in youth CSOs - To increase the use of systematic and long-term approaches to social transformation in youth CSOs - To exchange good practices for youth empowerment work and social transformation among the participating organizations - To establish transnational links between CSOs in the youth sector and translate them into project-based partnership for needs-based social transformation
    • The project will include two e-learning modules, two residential training courses, and follow-up events.

    Aplication form and Information pack

    European Voluntary Service Evaluation Seminar

  • 25th April – 3rd May 2017
    • This is an Erasmus + - Mobility of youth workers (KA1) evaluation seminar on European Voluntary Service to be held at the ASHA Centre on the 25th April to the 3rd May 2017. The project celebrates 20 years of the EVS programme and provides a platform for exchange of ideas and developing new projects in the UK and across Europe.
    • The project programme is based on evaluating past projects implemented over seven years of cooperation between ASHA and all our EVS (both sending and hosting) partners. The seminar will give participants an opportunity to reflect, review and evaluate past cooperation, but also to expand everyone’s knowledge on EVS in general, within the Erasmus+ Programme. The meeting will aim at the production of a set of guidelines and recommendations for National Agencies over how the programme could be improved within the E+ framework and a catalogue of EVS good practice projects.
    • If you wish to apply, please bear in mind that travel costs can only be reimbursed when journeying from one of the following countries:
    • UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain

    Aplication form and Information pack

    Youth Takes the Stage: Training Course on Theatre and Campaigning

    • One-week training courses in Georgia, Albania and the UK, led by our Artistic Director, Alexander Gifford. Skill-based courses with an emphasis upon theatre- in-the-community, leading to a public performance. For more information and to apply to participate, please click below:

    Training Course Georgia - 1st - 9th April 2017 Training Course Albania - 6th - 14th May 2017


    Eurodesk UK

    • ASHA is one of ten organisations that were selected as official partners to Eurodesk UK to support the delivery and promotion of Eurodesk services in the UK. As a partner, the ASHA Centre provides European information to young people and those who work with them on a local, regional and national level using Eurodesk information tools. ASHA works across the UK to ensure as many young people are informed about the opportunities available to them.
    • If you require any of the services outlined above, please contact Email Me

    Active Citizens

    • For 2016-17, the ASHA Centre is a delivery partner of the British Council’s Active Citizens Programme. As part of this, ASHA has recruited and trained 30 UK-based individuals who defined themselves as an interest- and project-based community who are professionally and/or personally invested in peace education, mainly through non-formal educational learning and grass-root projects working with different methodologies. Through facilitating their learning journey, ASHA has mentored and overseen these individuals developing Social Action Projects throughout the British Isles.
    • For more information on the Active Citizens Programme, visit the foloowing lins:


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    A home away from home

    Whether it’s a staff away-day, yoga, weekend workshop or a week-long training seminar, the Centre is the perfect setting. The atmosphere is always welcoming and everything is done to ensure guests feel at home, from log fires in the sitting room to the screening of films in the evening.

    Meals are prepared by experienced house-keeping staff using produce from our garden (in season) or locally sourced. Meals can be tailored to suit dietary requirements. Full catering and refreshments are available for both day courses and residential bookings.

    Please contact our Office Manager at or ring 01594 822330 for more details.


    At the ASHA Centre, we offer an integrated programme of community, land and arts based activities that are designed to meet the core challenges that young adults now face.


    • To create an educational environment in which young people experience inspiration, connection and purpose. Our core belief is that unlocking the human potential and inherent goodness in young people is vital for our world today


    • The ASHA Foundation is a British educational charity working for the empowerment of young people worldwide.Our vision is of a humanity in harmony with itself and the earth.

    Company Overview

    • The Foundation is based at the ASHA Centre in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. It is a beautiful Georgian home, with out-buildings, set in five acres of biodynamically cultivated gardens.

    General Information

    • Our educational approach (non-formal in nature) is based upon four pillars:

    • 1. We teach through head, heart and hands
    • 2. We work with the arts to nurture creativity and innovation
    • 3. We harness the power of nature to learn and heal
    • 4. We work to foster a truly global, human community


    Let's get in touch

    Want to discus your ideas for a new project or just want to say hi? It's all good, we'd love to connect with you. Just fill out the form aside or contact us via the details below.

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